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Lifespan – Abilities Illuminated

LCC-Troutman Wish List

AA Batteries $ 30.00 Games, remotes, sensory equipment (smell, touch, see)
AAA Batteries $ 30.00 Games, remotes, sensory equipment (smell, touch, see)
Adult Theme Sun Catcher Kits $ 100.00 Group crafts, recreation, work on fine motor skills
(2) AA/FM Radio with built in antenna $ 100.00 Music for exercise and relaxation
Bird Feeders and Bird Seed $ 60.00 and $ 30.00 Nature program
Bird House Kits $ 100.00 Nature and craft program, personal gifts
Cable for DVD Player to TV $ 30.00 Programs, exercise , music, movies
Ceramic or wood items to paint $ 100.00 Group crafts, recreation and personal gifts
Games for Recreation  (Connect Four, Yahtzee, Trouble $ 60.00 Recreation program, concentration, counting
HDMI Cable $ 30.00 Group Zoom classes, Staff trainings
High School level Math Books $ 25.00 An individual education goal
Jewelry Making Kits $ 100.00 Craft class, fine motor skills, concentration
Laptop $ 550.00 Group Zoom exercise class, staff trainings and certifications
Latch Hook Kits $ 100.00 Craft class, fine motor skills
“Learn to Draw” books $ 25.00 Individual interests in art
Leatherwork Kits $ 100.00 Craft class, concentration
Magnets – assorted sizes $ 50.00 Craft class, art program
Mason Jar with lids $ 50.00 Art and/or horticulture
Memory Games $ 50.00 Individual goals, concentration
Money Counting books $ 50.00 Individual goals, life skills
Picnic Table/Benches Outdoor social gatherings, lunches
Small Fan $ 30.00 Medication room
Small Terrariums $ 60.00 Individuals goals and interests
Stepping Stone kits $ 100.00 Craft class, concentration, personal gifts
Tactile items (ability to touch objects) $ 50.00 Individual goal
Unpainted Wooden Birdhouses $ 100.00 Nature and art program
Unpainted Wood cutouts $ 50.00 Recreation and craft program
Wood Puzzles with Knobs (adult age pictures) $ 100.00 2 individual goals that has limited hand abilities
Word and Number Books $ 25.00 Individual goal, concentration