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Message from Davan Cloninger, President & CEO

Dear Friends:

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Fiscal year 2016-2017 was a remarkable year for LIFESPAN. Together, your support and our team’s dedication to quality and determination were the factors that propelled us to accomplish these successful outcomes.

As we have come to expect, each year is full of change. However, every hour of everyday,education, employment and enrichment opportunities remain the focus of our mission throughout our collection of community programs.

Our team is dedicated to making sure each individual’s activities will help to promote independence in their daily skills and to increase their confidence,  which will foster a more meaningful life in their community.

We are very excited about the coming year as we position our programs and services to empower children and adults with disabilities to live, work, and play in their communities. Our many achievements would not have been as successful without your financial assistance. On behalf of the Board of Directors and our community partners, thank you for your support and dedication to our mission.


Davan Cloninger, President and CEO

2016-2017 Successes:


  • Provided services to 1,800 children and adults;

  • Secured meaningful employment for 213 program participants;

  • Positioned participants to contribute 20,665 volunteer hours in their communities;


  • Our two Circle Schools located in Burlington and Statesville are licensed 5 STAR rated inclusive childcare centers;

  • Opened a Creative Campus in the city of Andrews, NC;

Satisfaction Ratings

  • Obtained 98% percent satisfaction from our employment partners;

  • Received 98.4% percent satisfaction from our program participants and parents;

Grant Funding

  • Awarded $126, 619 in grant funding;

In-Kind Volunteer Projects

  • Canterbury School;

  • Central Piedmont Community College;

  • LBA Haynes Strands, PLLC;

  • Ingersoll Rand;

  • James Madison University;

  • Liberty Property Trust Service Day;

  • Myers Park Presbyterian Church Cross Group;

  • Passport Youth Ministries;

  • Premier, Inc.;

  • United Way Day of Caring;

  • Volunteer Center of Greensboro;

  • Young Civitans of Greensboro;

  • Young Civitans of High Point.