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Lifespan – Abilities Illuminated

Mission/Core Values/Vision

Mission Statement
The mission of LIFESPAN Services, and it’s passion, is to illuminate the abilities of children and adults with disabilities by providing education, employment, and enrichment opportunities to live, work and play in their communities throughout their lifetimes.

Core Values
Lifespan Core Values

Social Responsibility:
Recognize a moral obligation and act on it
Personal Commitment:
Commit time and talent to understand, believe, serve and do what it takes!
Set clear expectation, evaluate results, provide feedback, offer rewards/consequences, and revise and refine expectations.
Commit to the highest quality of culturally competent services reaching diverse populations.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that every individual we serve, regardless of their abilities, and every LIFESPAN Services Ambassador has the resources they need to flourish and be the best version of themselves.

Aspire to Excellence Strategic Vision Priorities