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Lifespan – Abilities Illuminated

MOSAIC Wish List

Continuing our vision of illuminating the abilities and talents of our resident artists, the Mosaic: A LIFESPAN Studio moved to the Greensboro Creative Campus. The brick house next door will be the future home to MOSAIC: A LIFESPAN Studio. This will be an AMAZING location for the studio giving plenty of space to grow the arts. Imagine the front entrance filled with bold garden sculptures created by the artists, bright and colorful planters filled with lush flowers planted by the individuals in the horticulture classes and eclectic cheerful found object signage leading you to the main entrance. On the back lawn artists, ambassadors  and community volunteers are setting up an art show for an afternoon art sale. Visitors enjoying leisurely shopping and then touring the studio where the all the magic happen.

This is our vision of a welcoming and inclusive community. Below are items we anticipate needing to make this vision a reality. To be a part of our community we hope you join us and contribute to our wish list. Thank you for your generosity!


  • GIFT CARDS:  to Lowes Home Improvement, Home Depot and Walmart to purchase supplies to complete the interior studio spaces – $830
    • Latex paint: $450, primer – $80, rollers – $100, paint trays – $60, drop cloths – $40, brushes – $50, painters tape – $50
    • Ceiling Fans: Five total for the studio spaces and the storage unit – $500
  • COLOR COPIER : to print out images to assist the artist when creating – $425
  • LAMINATOR: to create bookmarks and more – $50
  • CLAY EXTRUDER: used to create hollow tubes of clay to make vessels and more – $375
  • SMALL KILN: to dedicate to New fused glass classes and glass firings – $1000
  • FUSED GLASS SUPPLIES:  for artists to create a new line of fused glass wares, including dishes, tiles and ornaments – $300
  • SLAB ROLLER: to flatten clay for hand building – $1150
  • CLAY TOOLS: to hand build pottery – $15 a packet 20 packets for each artist $300
  • ARTISTS PAINT BRUSHES: Variety of shapes and sizes for all painting projects –  $10 a packet 20 packets for each artist $200
  • PICNIC TABLES: two tables for artist to have an outdoor gathering area for art projects & more – $240