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Opportunity is Knocking!

Opportunity is defined as a “set of circumstances that make it possible to do something.”  That definition begs the questions:

  • What is a recent opportunity that you took advantage of?
  • Who gave you an opportunity?
  • What did you do with your opportunity?
  • Where is your next opportunity coming from?

Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes.  Someone might bless you with a monetary gift that opens up an opportunity; someone might articulate words of wisdom that help create clarity and direction for an opportunity; and an opportunity can present itself through simple acknowledgement or recognition.

My opportunity to present this “Talk” for today’s “Circle Up” at LIFESPAN came by way of Christopher White.  At a recent “Circle Up,” Mr. White shared a moving story about his experience being a life coach.  I was present.  His words motivated me.  They encouraged me to recommit myself to bringing a sense of normalcy and independence to the individuals that I serve as Life Coach through LIFESPAN’s Life Works program.

His words helped me see what an opportunity I have to transform people’s lives.  But, it also opened up another opportunity.

I told Christopher how much his story impacted me. He encouraged me to share my story with Mr. Fuquay, LIFESPAN’s Chief Ambassador of Empowerment.  And Mr. Fuquay encouraged me to share it with all of you.  So here I am seizing the opportunity that has come to me and I am leading “Circle Up” this week.

Let me repeat that…here I am, seizing an opportunity that was presented to me.  That’s why I’m standing before you.

I’d like to borrow from Ms. Oprah Winfrey for minute.  You know how, in the middle of her show, she points to her guests and says, “You get a car, and you get a car and you get get a car?”  That’s what I want to say to each of you—but instead of a car, you get something better.

“You get an opportunity.” And you get an opportunity and you get an opportunity…

Each of you is being presented with an opportunity this very minute and you’ll be presented with more opportunities through this day.

I’ve discovered that opportunities are like a great piece of Lindt Chocolate.   The outer shell is hard but the inside is ooey gooey and O so good!

Opportunities can be hard and challenging, even overwhelming at first.  But, once you get past the initial jolt and you settle into how and what you are going to do with your opportunity, you eventually  reach the wonderful sensation of accomplishment and joy.

You know I have to say it!  Opportunity is knocking. Will you answer it?

Shernelle Samuel is a Life Coach with Life Works. she assists individuals with achieving their life goals. The favorite thing about Shernelle’s job is seeing the individuals complete their goals and recognize their sense of belonging.