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LIFESPAN Services is an agency of Firsts

What Firsts can you help LIFESPAN's individuals achieve?

$5,000 - Helps 10 individuals get their first job. Includes skill assessment, social skill training, job development, and on the job training.

$2,500 Helps 1 child take their first steps by providing 2 months of care at our Early Learning Centers.

$1,000 - Furnishes 1 child with a communication device.  


$500 - Allows 2 adults to attend the Chef Span Culinary program where they will learn how to prepare healthy meals.

$250 - Supplies 3 individuals with bus passes for a month.

$150 - Enables a group of 8 to go to their first movie in a theatre with popcorn.

There is an option to enter your gift, whatever the amount. Thank you.

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